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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm going to lose it.

Denied again.


spunkysuzi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that!!

downsizers said...

Is it time to accept that this isn't going to happen and find another way to get your weight off? I hope you have gone to OA and have a sponsor with whom you can talk and confide in. They are valuable parts of this recovery. OA has a lot of reading material that you may want to read. Perhaps the local library has some of them. There's no reason to put this off any longer. Many have lost their weight on their own and you can do it too. I just feel like you need to resign yourself to a healthy lifestyle and eating plan. It will work if you will. Take care of yourself.

Taryl said...

I'm sorry, sweetie :(

I might just take this as a sign to find a different path for the rest of the way down, if you can't cash pay it (that's what we do for our medical, it definitely takes a ton of time and planning but it can be done if needed!). I know this must be incredibly disheartening and I wish I had better advice.

Christine said...

I agree with above statement. You can let this derail you or you can move forward. You've come too far to fail lisa. Don't quit on yourself.

FreeJulie said...

Ugh, very frustrating. But I agree with what has been said here, you can't let this derail you. It's not an "all or nothing" situation - regroup, gather your strength and continue kicking butt!

michelle202 said...

I know that its difficult not comparing your surgery to other people's surgery and measuring your success to their success. I have a friend who lost a crap ton of weight the first 5 months out of vsg, like over 100lbs. WE look at her as a success, right? SHE is miserable. Her esophagus scarred up, her stomach had strictures and she essentially starved for 5 months. Now, her esophagus has been stretched, her sleeve operated on again, and here she is able to eat, and finding herself on the anorexic side of the eating disorder scale.

My point is that while so many people blow sunshine out their pie hole about how freaking awesome their surgery has been, there are so many like you, who have struggled for every single pound... in one way or another.

Hang in there. Don't give up. Appeal the freaking insurance bastards over and over again.

Keep focus on yourself.

Your wls has improved your quality of life, use that quality and strength to fight for what you want. If thats a revision, so be it. Fight girl, be mean, be pissed, be aggressive. This is YOUR life! You deserve the best.