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Monday, January 9, 2012

AAAHHH - cranky

I have to wait until the 26th to find out about my revision because the dr. was leaving on vacation and that day he was running late for appts. and since I have to pick up all my kids after school I could not wait around for 2 and a half hours like I did last time. Whatever. I like that a lot of dr.s offices think we have nothing better to do than sit in their office for almost 3 hours to wait and see them for an appointment that lasts less than 10 minutes. On another note, my scale says I am UP TEN POUNDS???? My period is due in a few days. This number better go down before I start freaking out. I am feeling so "blah" lately. I feel so out-of-it and tired. Could it be because I have major sleep deprivation due to a little perfect someone? In that case, it is all worth it. :)

Pic of the day: Last week I was able to surprise my little guy at school for lunch. He was sooo happy. I am SOOOO grateful that my surgery helped me change my life so much. My kids deserved an active Mommy and now they have one. :)


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Probably just water weight hun, I bloat bad right before TOM.

Lori said...

Big jumps like that usually indicate water weight for me. Most of the time because I've eaten ham or pickles or something else with lots of sodium. IDK if with your procedure you can eat things like that. But a 10 lb gain has got to be water and should drop right back off. Try to drink more to flush it out - literally!!!

Sarah said...

Ugh....I would hate to have to wait to find out about revision surgery. I want to get it too, but I think I'm still going to wait a little longer.