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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sexy Santa pic!

NOT! lol But maybe one day... lol In the mean time I have to settle for this...
Taken by my older son during our annual "Operation Cookie Drop." My kids LOVe this tradition and this year I went up to some doors too instead of watching it all from the car the ENTIRE time. Awesome. Yes, we made cookies. Lots and lots of them. I will NEVER take away fun holiday traditions due to my food issues. Food has taken over my life enough without those around me having to give up more and more. We make about 200 cookies, all kinds, then pack them up and "drop" them off to friends and neighbors. I keep a few for our own cookie jar. I find it funny that my weight loss surgery makes my cookie tradition more fun. lol Without it, I would not have been able to enjoy going up to the door, seeing the smiles on friends faces, hear my kids saying "Merry Christmas," all of it. I love my sleeve. I am grateful for traditions, even the ones with food. I will host about 30 people at my house for Christmas Eve. NONE of whom are overweight except me. I will offer all the goodies and they will bring goodies of their own. We will enjoy this day with NO thought to food. No thought to binges. I understand most people try to go in to it with plans of what to eat, bringing their own healthy stuff etc., but I for me the obsession about dieting takes away just as much fun as the being fat in the first place part. I choose to ignore foods power over me. I choose to enjoy friends and family, the miracle of Christmas. I will not obsess about calories, portions, the food table etc. Relax and enjoy your holidays folks. It's the dark of night after the guests leave, when the leftovers are calling my name which is the dangerous part. My solution? I buy HUGE cake pans and give them to each family to bring home leftovers. By the time they have all filled up their pans, there is not much left but maybe enough for my own family to pick on the next day. Good solution for all. My family still gets leftovers but there are not enough for me to eat yet still have enough for the family the next day. Not enough for me to hide a binge because there is so much food no one can tell how much is missing. Not enough for me to binge night after night until New Years because "I am starting fresh Jan 1st! This is the year!" Yep. Been there done ALL that. Food is NOT my focus of 2012. HEALTH is my focus. Dieting can be just as much an obsession as food addiction and it leads to the same place 97% of the time. Jump off the hamster wheel.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

Your cookie drop seems like a lot of fun.

And, you look so small sitting in that car!


Sunny said...

Love this post! Great attitude and I'm going to try to emulate it, thanks!

Lyn said...

I love your strategy! Very generous as well :)

Have a Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

I could have written the very same post. I love baking cookies or any king of treat. I refuse to let my problem with food force anyone else to miss out. I, too, get frustrated with trying to 'diet' or plan what I'm going to eat at a party. It steals the joy somehow. And...it is the leftovers calling me when I am alone that is the worst. I have become almost compulsive about giving stuff away so I won't eat it.

I'm glad you have found peace. Merry Christmas!!

Amanda said...

You're looking marvelous... and so are the cookies, LOL! Merry Christmas :)

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Lisa, Enjoy your day with your family!