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Monday, October 3, 2011

If things gross you out, DON'T look at this pic

It seems my body is not absorbing the internal stitches as it should so one of them started coming out of my stomach! It is the same incision that keeps bleeding and this weekend I looked down and it looked like part of a band-aid was stuck on there and as I pulled a string came out! Then, it stopped and pulled the crap out of my insides! I try to pull it out but you can feel where it is stitched inside my body and causes my entire stomach to lift when I pull. I will see the dr this week. Yuck!


Manda said...

Ahh... my stomach aches now. Go see the doc! lol.

Sarah said...

Oh my! Hopefully everything works out! I've never heard of that happening!


Christine said...

wow! cool! lol. My husband had a cactus needle stuck in him for YEARS THAT FINALLY WORKED it's way out of his rear end a few years ago, it was followed by a pound of puss....that was gross. lol.

Jen said...

that happened to me I just used scissors to cut it off as close as I could to my skin and then I pushed the short little nub back in and I never saw it or felt it again... hope it turns out okay, I was kinda freaked out too!

carla said...




Connie said...

Glad to see you back! It was like I missed seeing a friend every time I checked your blog and you weren't here! You look so good and I am glad you are spending more time with your family! Congratulations!

kristi said...