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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I did it! I did it! I did it!!!!! (pic included:) - holy crap I did it!

I slept in my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL NIGHT! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 3 YEARS! We just painted our bedroom so please ignore the bare walls. Anyway, in case you didn't catch that... I SLEPT IN MY BED! I am so excited! I can't explain how it feels to do something so normal to other people, but something I have not been able to do for so long. I will admit, my back hurt like hell but I am going to have to ease in to it. Maybe one day on the chair and one day in the bed until I can get used to it. We are redecorating our room and my hubby cleaned all the carpets last night so since the bed was moved to a new place int he room, I decided, "what the hell?!" Just give it a try for an hour or so..." I waited until about 2am when I was really tired. (I am a total night owl) The next thing I know it was time to get up and get the kids out for school. I guess that isn't technically the entire night, but I don't go to sleep until about 1am every night and get up at 6:30am so to me it's all night. :) Wow, I slept in my bed... he he :)


Lori said...

Hooray! I'm glad for you.

Amanda said...

Awesome! :D

Lyn said...

That is GREAT! It's the little things :)

Sarah said...

Heck yea! That's awesome! Good for you, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

You look so cute all snuggled in!! Good for you! Good for hubby too!