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Thursday, October 6, 2011

So awesome!

Yesterday I went walking with a couple of other music class moms! (our toddlers are in the class) Not only did I walk, I walked for over a mile!!!! I warned them that I may not make it more than a block because I have not gone on a walk in over 2 years. To top it off, I wore new tennis shoes (I have worn sandals only for about 2 1/2 years because I could not bend over enough to tie shoes, I wore them even in the snow!) And to extra top it off, I didn't have to put my foot on a chair, or rest my foot on my knee in order to tie them: I could do it by bending over! :) I took a pic to prove it! lol

You may notice I have new music playing... :) Are you ready? :)

So I am still stalled and have been for a couple of weeks now. What really helps me get through these times are focusing on all the great new things I can do. Tonight I am going out with girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. We are going to a downtown area known for walking around and 6 months ago I would have had to pass on the invite as I have done for YEARS. No more! :)


Heather's House said...

So proud of you! Keep it up.....

Kareen said...

I love your attitude! I can feel the essence of your life returning through your words.

Christine said...

awesome lisa! I just wrote about this! way to go...I know the feeling...feels good not to have to jack your foot up to your opposite leg to just get the thing tied, doesn't it?

Becca said...

Such a great post! It sounds like you have got some wonderful things going for you!! I am happy for you!

The Lovely One said...

Congrats Lisa! Tie those shoes!

carla said...

Go you!!
on the walk and on the momfriends :)
I need more of both in my life!


Sarah said...

Holla! That's so cool that you've gotten to this point! I remember when I was able to bend over to tie my shoe, it was really exciting.


Connie said...

I think you should take out the part of the "About Me!" section that says my name is "fatty". Your name is Lisa and you are a beautiful woman, wife, and mommy! That kind of self depredation should be a part of your past just like the binge monster! I am so proud of the new Lisa! You should be too! Besides being good to yourself for you, the better you treat yourself the better your kids will learn to treat themselves!