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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today - out of this world!

My sweet little baby girl started dance class today. I got her ready, took a million pics, drove her to class, talked with the teacher, talked with another mom (all while standing), came home and got an e-mail from my sons school about attending "room mom" orientation... Today, I feel as though I am a new mom. After 4 kids, it is only now that my body is able to do all the things I have longed to do in the past. Now I am the mom who I used to watch from my car window, or read about on Facebook updates. I had one of those moments today where I started to cry from the gratefulness I felt. I can now be there person who helps out a friend when she is not feeling well or who makes plans with her family to attend the State Fair. As I tucked my sweet little girl in for her nap I again thanked my Heavenly Father for answering my lifelong prayer about my weight and giving me the courage to go forward even when my addiction was trying to change my mind. Life is so precious. All of this is new for me and I am enjoying these moments. Each and EVERY one. :) Morbid Obesity is a thief. It steals you from life, from yourself and from others. I am glad I did what I had to do in order to lock him up. :)


Amanda Kiska said...


Lyn said...

Wonderful! Life is amazing when you are in it! Enjoy your little girl dancing. Mine started at 3 and now is in fourth year ballet :)

Laryssa said...

Keep enjoying your life. After all you've been through, you kept pushing forward even when times were tough. You're an inspiration for many. :)

Karla said...

YAY! Dancing!!! =) Hope she loves it!

Lisa said...

thanks for the sweet comments :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness look at your daughter's hair! It is adorable! She is adorable! What a great post.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post yet again!
And what a sweetie. I'm so glad you're enjoying life!