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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am so tired of reading the same crap on all the weight loss blogs!

I read that a lot. For the most part it is written when someone has found the "answer" to weight loss and thinks everyone else is "doing it wrong." The bloggers are usually in their honeymoon stage of weight loss (yes, there is such a thing) and they "want everyone to feel as good as they do." I admit those type of posts make me a little upset. Yes, on 90% of WL blogs you will see everyone going up and down. You will see excuse after excuse (justifications) as to why they are triggered to eat etc. You will see the "new commitment on Monday" type of thing. My blog was like that for 4 years and I had many bloggers tell me they had the answer and that I was pathetic because I had been blogging so long and losing then regaining weight. WELL... Sorry to be part of the 97% of the world population that struggles to keep weight off. I firmly believe in food addiction. Food addiction has a cycle and part of that cycle, like other cycles of addition include relapse. IT IS PART OF THE PROCESS. I read the same blogs almost every day. I feel like I know these people. We have been in each other's lives for years. I SEE addiction. I watch as the blogger goes down the slippery slope. I read the excuses, I hurt for what I know is happening. BUT, I NEVER say anything mean about it because each fight for health is a journey only that person can take. I had a few comments over the years by LOVING people who were concerned. Really good comments, really ACCURATE comments but at the time, knee deep in my addiction I didn't see it. Now, I see things for what they are and realized that so many were right. It must have been hard for those who cared to read my up and down OVER AND OVER. I often ask myself why I let things get as bad as they did. The simple answer to that is that I am a food addict. I was riding the cycle of addiction and now I am watching that ride take other people up and down the same way. It hurts to read, but I know it is PART OF THE PROCESS. Some people are released from the clutches of addiction. Some will never know that freedom. :( As humans, we are here to love each other through this. Just like you learn in the 12 step programs that are for family members of addicts, YOU CAN'T SAVE ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. Trying to "let people know about themselves" will not help. No one will get there until they are READY to get there. So the next time you my be thinking that you are tired of reading the same type of blogs etc., remember that there is a person on the other side of that blog, maybe you are one of them, who is trapped by food addiction. They deserve love, they deserve friends, they deserve to have hope. I am sooo grateful to those of you who have taken your time to continue to read about my journey. Please go support someone today. :)


Tricia said...

yes!super important to be supportive of others when they're doing well and ESPECIALLY when theyre struggling.

and trust me...I GET the struggle.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you on this! I'm addicted to lots of things including food. Addressing the addictive process is the key to moving forward. You are very compassionate and insightful person. Hugs.

Sarah said...

I try to be supportive of everyone and I share what works for me. I refused to start a blog until I had been sticking to a routine for a year. Since I have started mine, I have not gained. I spun my wheels for a few months, but that was my fault and I knew it!

I totally agree with the addiction side of things. I felt the same way. I had crazy, secret eating habits. You know, the "no one saw me eat it so it didn't happen" stuff.

I don't think I would ever leave a mean, unsupportive comment for anyone. It is such a struggle. We all need to support each other.

Nice post....or rant, whatever you want to call it! :)


Manda said...

Good blog. Thats the reason I really don't want my blog to be about weight loss only. I kind of hate the whole weight loss thing. Only until this past July did I admit I am a food addict. Admit to myself. A lot of the problem has also been that I never truly attempted to lose weight until I got the band. And if I didn't have this band, I would be wayyy overweight. Its just a learning process.

Lyn said...

Very true, and kindness costs nothing. I am so happy you have found your way :)

carla said...

I agree.
In fitness weightloss blog and just in LIFE BLOGS as well.



Anonymous said...

I agree too. The support and the "I've been there too" is so important.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Oh how I so totally agree with this! You know my blog Lisa - it weight loss that works for me - slow and steady and driven by my emotions.

Love your work, and LOVE your progress pics.