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Thursday, September 22, 2011

120 pounds lost - weight loss surgery MYTHS


#1, So I read lots of WL blogs and when people are saying why they don't chose surgery they often site weight gain several years after surgery. I would like to point out that weight gain with "normal" weight loss is a 97% probability. It is MUCH less for weight loss surgery. #2, I also read about nutrient deficiencies. I DID NOT HAVE THE BYPASS and I do NOT have a malabsorbsion issue. I take a multi-vitamin and calcium C. That's it. #3, "Your hair falls out so it has to be unhealthy!" If you have rapid weight loss of ANY kind you may have some hair loss. I do have some hair loss but my hair is also much shinier and a LOT stronger than before surgery. #4, You will have gallbladder issues. The reason why 30% of weight loss surgery patients have to get their gallbladder removed is because of PRIOR damage by eating high fat foods for so long. When mine was taken out it was highly scarred and damaged due to the years of abuse I have put my body through. #5, (my favorite) I don't want to take the "easy way out." Nice, and STUPID. With my surgery I can eat ANYTHING I want. NO RESTRICTIONS. This means if I want to eat a gallon of ice cream I could because it would go down just fine. I could eat bags of chips or anything else for that matter. I have to CHOOSE not to every day. JUST LIKE BEFORE SURGERY. I have to make the CHOICE to go to physical therapy and make the CHOICE to drink my water and eat the right food, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. The part that is "easier" is that I don't have binge cravings as I did before and this gives me the boost I need to help make healthy choices. If any of you read my blog before you know that my binging was my vice and it was the thing that was killing me. I had to make a medical choice to get help for my problem in order to save my life. Weight loss surgery is a TOOL I use daily to help me take baby steps toward health and a LIFELONG healthy lifestyle. I have NEVER met anyone who has gained back ALL of their weight after weight loss surgery (unless they have the band, I have met quite a few band people who have(I am not saying don't get the band, I'm sure it works great for a lot of people, I am just stating what I have personally seen in real life with people I know)) but no matter what healthy tool you decide to use, anything that will give you extra control to help you move forward with creating a healthy life is a good thing. That is different for everyone but please, know the facts before making weight loss surgery part of your platform. Sadly, I read these "facts" on blogs where I have watched people gain and lose weight OVER AND OVER again, just like me. If you don't want to do it, just say that. It's not the wrong choice, I am NOT for everyone running out to get surgery. In my case it was to save my life and I would do it 100 times again. It's not for everyone but it's been AWESOME for me. :)


Kelliann said...

Preach it sista! lol
I love the hair falling out one too - yeah, my hair fell out after I had my baby too - so, is that unhealthy too?? Hmmm...
Hair loss can be a result of ANY "trama" (any surgery is considered "trama") that happens to the body.
Oh, and it grows back. :-)
As for the "easy way out"... I've heard it over and over. Those people tend to still be overweight and unhappy. I don't feel the need to justify myself anymore to anyone. I know how hard I work, and that's all I need.
:-) you look great! Keep going!

Scott said...

wow Lisa! You look fantastic. I have been gone for over a year, and it thrills my heart to see your success! Praise God!

Here is to your continued success and wishing you the best.



Amanda said...

Look at you, all in the low 200's! Well done, Lisa :D

Karla said...

I love reading about your success, I have read your blog for a long time (when its public and not blocked) and I am so glad you are rejoining life :)
Congrats on how far you have come, and good luck on your journey

Anonymous said...

I love this post - thank you for sharing! I too have heard those reasons and I have never agreed that surgery is the "easy" way out - not from what I've read. But I think some people think it's a cheating way...and I guess that starving one's self isn't "cheating". There will always be controvery with weight loss - they seem to go hand in hand.
I'm glad you are so much healthier and I'M PROUD OF YOU!

Flabby McGee said...

Good for you. People do what they do, however they choose to do it. I know several people who have had weight loss surgery, and they were well informed, healthy decisions. I'm happy for you, for the weight you've lost - and don't let anyone say different. Easy way out. humph.

Judith said...

A huge reason why women lose their hair after weight loss surgery is because it's surgery.

It doesn't matter what type of surgery it is, about 50% of all women loss a significant amount of hair 3 months after surgery. It's the shock to the system from having your body cut open.

I had surgery (female problems) in November of last year and 3 months later you could see my scalp. I freaked out. But my doctor assured me that it was normal and about 6 months later it should all come back.

Well it's September - 10 months after surgery and it's all back now.

Whoop! Whoop!

As with any surgery for any reason you have to weigh the pros and cons of that surgery for you and your own situation. No one can make that decision for you.

And I'd say from reading your blog and seeing the results - it was the best decision for you.


Anonymous said...

I have loved watching your successes, and you are certainly keeping it up!

You are the exact weight I was when I decided I had ENOUGH and starting trying to lose weight in late March/early April. I didn't start tracking till I hit 215 in June but now I am at 182. You are losing weight faster, so imagine where you will be in 5 months!!


Manda said...

Great post! However I'm a lapbander, I've never actually lost all the weight to gain it back. LOL. Only 30 lbs of it but I haven't gained that back. I'm sure if it wasn't in there, I would have gained that back. But I'm back on the weight loss wagon... Its a struggle no matter what surgery though. And I never had hair fall out, nor did I throw up (twice maybe), nor am I malnourished or have I had to do the gallbladder removal. Folks can believe what they want. I did this for me! Thanks girl.

Shanita said...

I enjoyed this post!!! I'm a little confused. Which surgery did you have? I am considering weight loss surgery options. Any info you can give me about your experience is much appreciated. I'm going to keep reading and see what I can learn.