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Monday, April 23, 2012

Today I...

WALKED to pick up my son from school.  I enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL spring weather and felt good.  Earlier in the day I chaperoned his school field trip to the fire station.  I was walking around and STANDING for almost TWO HOURS.  And, I was in charge of chasing around 4 boys in my group. :)  I NEVER would have been able to enjoy these moments just one year ago.  How wonderful that not only did I feel great about being able to be there for him, but it's EXTRA awesome that he gets to have his mommy involved in his life in such a way. :)
Following the bus to the field trip... :)


mamajuliana said...

Every time I read about your 'ordinary' life here on your blog, I get so HAPPY!!! I am so glad you are enjoying the little, happy, wonderful things-that you could not do before!

...so happy!

Sarah said...

Yea for extra walking and enjoying it!!


Taryl said...

I'm jealous of your lack of snow, my yard still has a solid foot that needs to melt. Beautiful sunshine and way to go on the stamina you've gained!