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Monday, August 15, 2011

new comparison pic! - 60 pounds lost since surgery (in 4 months)

My daughter took this pic of me on Friday before the jr. high orientation. I felt like a million bucks. It's amazing how in 4 and a half months my life can change so drastically. I love my sleeve. I LOVE my life. I am grateful beyond words!

so, 60 pound update... (the other 50 I lost was before surgery)

* I can walk even farther
* I can stand for up to an hour (before surgery I could only stand for a minute or two)
* I have more confidence
* I learned I LOVE to cook! This one is a shocker! Before I always wanted fast meals like fast food or restaurant food because it was "hard" for me to cook meals and honestly I wanted them faster than I could cook them.
* I find myself seeing other "food addicts" everywhere I go. I notice the wobble, the leaning on the carts, the grimace on the face of pain, and each time I want to cry. For them and for me having spent so many years like that. I wish I could run up to everyone and tell them there is an answer. But like with other addictions, they have to be the one that is ready.
* I am a better mother. Stuff doesn't get to me AT ALL the way it used to before surgery. As an addict, I was wrapped up in my addiction. My food and binging came first. No matter how many times I said my family was the most important thing in my life, I was a liar. If that were true, I would not have let myself become immobile and miss out on their lives as much as I did.
* I am a better wife. My poor husband worked full time then had to come home and do everything, do all the shopping, all the set up for any holiday etc. I was present, but I played the role as "fatty supervisor." You know the type. the one that was perched on a couch nest barking out orders to everyone else but never gets off her fat @ss to do any of it herself. Now, I am more of his partner. There are still many things I am not able to do, but I try more and more. I was worried he would have a hard time not being the "savior" after my surgery, but I can tell he is excited for my new energy.
* I am more exposed than ever. My fat shield is coming down and that makes me uncomfortable. My feelings that have been stuffed deep inside my body are moving closer and closer to the surface and this is scary for me. I am still in therapy EVERY week, but even there I don't feel comfortable when I notice that my body no longer allows me to push down my feelings. I try, believe me. It is a mind trip that a weight loss surgery has such an effect on the mind. This is a territory that I actually would rather not go in to, but for some reason my body rejects me repressing things since surgery so I am FORCED to look at things. I hope to be able to share them here as long as I feel safe.

Thanks for looking at yet ANOTHER update pic. lol


Sarah said...

You look great. Your face looks so skinny!


Amanda said...

Love the update pics! You're looking amazing -- and you're OVER halfway to your total goal. Awesome!

kristi said...


Christine said...

yup...when you can no longer eat to cover, the feelings come out. love this. And your picture said it all...all I want to say is this...you can look back now and see more clearly what you were doing, try not to hate yourself for who you used to be. You were doing, at the time, the best you could. Blind is blind sometimes. I look back now and don't even recognize the person. I think you will get there too. It will be like looking at alien photos. It's very strange. You are doing great lisa! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!!!!

Kyra said...

Looking good! Keep it up!

Karen said...

You are so beautiful and you look so happy. I am happy for you.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

You look so happy. This makes me really happy. :) YAY!

Robin said...

LISA!!!!! You look absolutely amazing and not just physically. Of course that's what we see in the picture but you can just see the happiness radiating from your smile, your stance, everything. Great job! You are such a true and genuine inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

Lawgirl said...

Look at how beautiful you are. I love that your dreams are coming true!!

Angela/Pretty in Orange

Lindsey said...

You look fabulous! Congrats on your weight loss! : )

Gracie said...

OMG! You are looking fabulous! :)

Debbie said...

I think not only do you look AMAZING but you look really, really happy! You can just see it in your countenance. So excited for you and your "new" life!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Oh Lisa, I have not popped by for too long. You look bloody amazing. Well done. You look so chilled and happy.


Kim said...

Its been a long time since I have been to your blog. What an inspiration you are! You look fantastic!! I'm so glad it has went so well for you.