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Monday, March 25, 2013

Great weekend, but...

I had a wonderful time since Wednesday when my high school friends came for a visit.  It was soooo great to feel young again. :)  I also enjoyed a great football game.  My baby boy was awesome. :)  The underline issue in my head keeps me from really letting go and having fun.  I am starting to hate going to church.  More and more I run in to fake people and being fake is soooo hard for me to understand.  I love my church, just not some of the people there. :)  Isn't that with every church?  I am also the person who conducts the music so I am standing in front of the church with all my failures to be displayed in front of hundreds of people.  It's like I am being paraded in front of everyone as a main attraction in a freak show.  A personal train wreak to be watched over and over again.  Lovely.  Well, the good news is I am continuing with therapy and my try ONE MORE TIME to go back to OA.  I have HATED every attempt at OA in the past.  They will whine all meeting then go out to eat afterwards!  There is only ONE meeting in this area and our computer is so old I can't use the on-line meetings.  I am sticking with therapy and seeing my Dr., back dr. and my arthritis dr. this week so I am moving forward with trying to get my health under control. 
Thanks for listening.

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Lori said...

You can do this, girlfriend. It is tough but you are tougher.

Don't worry about those judgemental people. They are judging you because they don't want to face themselves and their issues. It is much easier to point out someone else's flaws than face their own. They are to be pitied. They aren't working to heal themselves like you are. You will be healed they'll still be stuck where they are with their anger. You are free.

Lyn said...

You sound a little better :) Friends are good for the soul. Keep working on getting well. You're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that pretty much every church has judgey people who think their "holier than thou" in more ways than one.
But I want to say that from what I've read here on your blog, you are amazingly strong. It takes courage to be honest about life and about weight loss instead of just being all sunshine and daisies all the time. I'd rather read an honest blog than a fake one. I went to OA a few times and didn't really like it, either. However, I have also been to Al-Anon meetings and I have found the Al-Alon literature to be applicable to every aspect of life, not just in dealing with with an alcoholic family/friend. I don't know - if you get a lot from reading or if you like to, I know I got a lot from the Al-Anon literature, and OA is founded on the 12 steps and 12 traditions. I'm not telling you what you should do, it's just a thought.