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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bottom Line...

We could not get enough money for the surgery.  I was going to get a loan from a family member and it didn't work out.  Instead, I am using that money to get healthy.  so far I have been to the endocrinologist, ENT and today a new therapist that specializes in food addiction.  I have an appointment for a back center and a new dr. to check for an autoimmune disorder next week.  I need to get healthy period, not just with my weight.  My Endocrinologist recommends MediFast due to my PCOS so it looks like I am joining Lyn and I am getting started on that.  So far I have lost only 9 pounds in 2 weeks, but at least that's something. I have not had any sugar AT ALL in 17 days.  Still have the cravings.  I'm sure that is in my mind and not my body.  I will not lie and say I am not still disappointed with not getting my revision, but I am ready to face this addiction as best I can.  Win or fail.  I also can't say I have faith in myself because I don't.  If history and stats tell me anything, I have a 97% chance of failure but that does not give me a ticket to give up.

Pick of the day... Enjoying my son's spring football game. 
Glad to be able to walk around enough to get there and enjoy the moment.


Lyn said...

I am glad to have you with me. I have been praying for you, not just for your health but also for your peace. You are right, it is not JUST about weight. There is so much more. I hope you can stick to Medifast... that is the only hard part! If you stick to it, it does work. But we have to be on guard against the addiction voice and the obsession mindset, too.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Mrs. O said...

Addictions are hard to get over. It's been 5 years (with a 3 month relapse 3 yrs ago) since I stopped smoking. And yet I still crave a cigarette every single day. I don't enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke and I know it makes me very ill but knowing that doesn't stop the cravings. Food addiction is the same and so are sugar, carb & fat cravings. You can get to the point where, one day, you no longer grab for those foods but I believe the cravings will always be there. Unfortunately, you never forget how it made you feel and that's where the cravings come in. Like everything else, it takes time and perseverance. Keep telling yourself you're worth it and you deserve it!

Heather said...

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you needed this season to get a better hold on your overall health and then will be able to (if needed) get the surgery in the future. Just keep the faith!

Lori said...

Medifast works. I'd love to lose 9 pounds in two weeks. Even if that stat about 97% failure rate is true, it is not 100%. Make sure you are in the 3%.

I know you can do this. You have already overcome so much adversity. You'll overcome this as well.

Lawgirl said...

I wish you the absolute best.

Angela/Pretty in Orange

The Lovely One said...

I truly believe this is the best solution for you. Go to therapy and work on getting healthy, and you can always get the surgery in a couple of months. Good luck!

spunkysuzi said...

I am so glad to see that you're taking care of you! Good for you!!