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Sunday, March 3, 2013

9 more days til Revision surgery

Lord help me...  This liquid diet is making me CRAZY!!!!!!

Dee's Tips and Trivia...
Previous Questions –
~ Women outnumber men in the US.  What 4 states are women in the minority?
Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada, California
~ If two batches of chili will feed 9 people, how many batches should you make to feed 72 people?
~ What is the world’s most populous country beginning with the letter T?
Turkey with 62 million people

Tips –
~ Add a pinch of salt to the coffee in the basket of your coffeemaker.  This will improve the coffee’s flavor by helping to remove some of the acid taste.
~ Cut an orange in half, remove pulp, and fill with salt.  It will provide an aromatic scent.
~ To alleviate the discomfort of a sore throat, gargle several times a day with a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of salt in warm water.

Trivia –
~ Each red blood cell lives an average of 4 months and travels between the lungs and other tissues 75,000 times.
~ Arizona has official state neckwear – the bolo tie.
~ Because the freshness of French fries deteriorates so quickly, Burger King’s policy is to toss out fries that have been sitting for 7 minutes.

This date in history (March 1st)
~ 1872 – Yellowstone becomes the 1st National Park.
~ 1913 – Federal Income Tax takes effect.
~ 1961 – President Kennedy establishes the Peace Corp.
~ 1962 – K-Mart opens.
~ 1995 – Yahoo! was incorporated.

Questions –
~ How many sweat glands in the human body?
~ The Eagles had the #1 song on this date in 1975.  What was it? Sidebar-I’ve seen them in concert and they never sing this song. L
~ Who is Barbara Huffman?

Quote –
“Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge.”  Abraham Joshua Heschel

- Dee

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Lori said...

You'll make it and it will be worth it!