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Friday, December 14, 2012

One of the darkest days in US history - I'm out

There are people whose kids are NOT coming home from school EVER again.  I don't really give a crap about weight loss, or anything else so stupid compared to their pain.  Just too much in this world is so evil.  I have seen it first hand with this blog.  Evil, sick, demented stalkers who are capable of almost anything.  You never know about people in this world.  The lowest form of life is someone that would hurt and KILL a little baby.  He walked in to a school and killed a class of kindergartners??!!!  Sorry if I don't give a sh!t about your weigh-in today.  I really hope for the best with everyone out there in Internet land, but I can't see the point of all this "look at me" stuff when there is so much that is going on in the world.  (I'm sooo guilty of using this forum for validation) I am so glad I have met a handful of great people here who WILL be my true friends forever.  I really appreciate all the love and support from the sane group of you who are so giving and caring and have left some GREAT comments when I needed a friend or support. I need a break.  Really.  Not a fake one that people post about then they are back in 2 days because they need the attention.  Peace Out.


The Lovely One said...

I hope you reconsider, maybe after you've had a chance to calm down. Yes, it was a tragic, senseless, stupid event. I had tears in my eyes at work today while I thought about the those parents who would never see their sweet babies again. But do not let the actions of a few sick individuals effect your future. If you do, then they've got what they wanted. I believe that the best thing we can do is pray for those families, and move on.

Lori said...

We are all devastated by the sickness of that act yesterday. I cannot imagine the pain of those families particularly so close to Christmas. It brings tears to my eyes just to type this.

At the same time, don't let that crazed man control you. Do what you need to do to get through the pain, without food, but don't let him take you down too.

You can get through this. Please don't cut off one of your support systems.

Mrs. O said...

Such a sad unnecessary tragedy and I fear that unless our government does something soon, it's just going to get worse. Parents shouldn't have to bury their children, especially because someone else is having a bad day. :(

Stay well and God bless you & your family this Christmas and in the New Year.

Melissa said...

The most important way to fight back this kind of evil that took place is to keep living, moving and expressing how you feel. Honor those little lives and teachers by enjoying each moment of each day..cherish them and your children..and each breath that you are able to take. Remember them but don't succumb to the darkness we are all feeling and fighting back. If you get joy from blogging..then you should do it but if you don't get joy (even before what happened) then don't do it anymore. Don't let this tragedy be your excuse..

Tammy said...

There will always be tragedy in this world...there was before us & there will be after us. It makes me sick when things like this happen. It doesn't make any sense at all. But we have to just remember these little lives, cherish the people we have & move on. One day...maybe we'll understand it all...hoping anyway.