Let's Shrink!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still no movement :(

No surprise to me.  My body can't lose weight anymore unless I am under 800 calories per day which I CAN'T do without the revision.  I am basically starving just to maintain.  On a lighter note, today I went to the pumpkin patch and was able to walk around and stand for well over two hours with no problem.  LOVe that I can live my life.  I STILL owe that to the VSG.


Lori said...

Oh dear! I hope you can get that revision soon. That can't be healthy.

Scott said...

Maybe try a dramatic change to your diet. See if you can kick start your metabolism. Low carb always works for me, see if that helps. I think at 800 calories your body is never going to give up excess weight, and you will be miserable and malnourished at the same time. Go raw food until noon - fruits and veggies only, then low carb rest of the day. High protein, high fat, veggies. No starch or sugar.
Just a thought. Praying for you.