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Friday, September 21, 2012

So busy, no time to think

I teach preschool, watch a daycare child, I have 4 out of 5 kids in activities. (dance, football, scouts, air force academy, church groups, flute lessons, yearbook, swim school...)  I am also a room mom, football team manager, church music conductor, mom and wife.  Every day, all day I am on the move.  Last night I was up late making the treat bags for my daughter's 13th birthday.  We are having a "team dream" party for her at the bowling alley with 30 friends.  Pizza, drinks, bowling, laser tag and arcade games.  Not to mention a custom cake, table decorations, new outfit, treat bags, fake rhinestones to cover the table, a professional photographer and set up.  Here's the thing... I am tired.  REALLY tired.  I won't lie.  But yesterday I had a moment where I broke down and cried and not from being overwhelmed.  It was because I was soooo grateful to be able to do these things.  I wasn't directing others from a chair.  I am doing all these things on my own.  100% me.  When I am teaching preschool, I have so much fun with the kids.  They are so happy to be there and have no idea what things used to be like for me.  I was walking to different stores with my older daughter last night to find just the right bday outfit :) when I realized that was a moment less than 2 years ago I could not have had.  I can't say I still don't think about my weight every day.  I need the revision but it will have to wait until the loan is paid off from the house flood.  In the mean time, I am LIVING.  I still wonder why food addiction has such a grip on me.  I know I would eat much more if I was able and whether or not my surgery worked to it's full extent or not, at least it preforms the duties it needs to in order to save me from me.  I am not logging my calories these days but I need too... when I have time. :)
Pic of the day... the treat bags... :)

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Christine said...

you are living. That is so fantastic lisa...what a full life.