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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm cool because...

I did this today... :)
Yes, I worked out to one of those dorky, free cable workout shows.  lol  Yes, we have two bouncy seats and yes, I am one of the only people left on earth with an old-school tv. :)  I was traumatized by the woman on the right.  She was moving her body in such freakish ways and was WAY to excited.  lol  Anyway, it was HARD but I only had to pause once.  I was sweating like a fat hog on a hot summer day and I felt very proud of myself.  I plan to do the toning one tomorrow then this one again the next day.  Like today, tomorrow I will close my blinds so I do not scare any neighborhood children or the postman during my workout.  It's a win win for everyone.  :)
Wish me luck.


Joyski said...

Yipee that is amazing good for you!! You can do it :)

Debbie said...

That is AWESOME!! Good for you!

Sarah said...

Yea! Good for you for getting into the working out! Don't worry, I also close my blinds and lock the doors if I workout at home!


Linda Sherwood said...

I still have an old school TV too. Ours does this "split screen" thing where you can watch two different things at once (60 inch TV becomes TWO 30 inch TVs). This lets my son play video games while letting the rest of us watch TV.

I really want a flat screen TV, but they don't have that option, and I know I will MISS it a lot.

Congrats on the work out!

Lori said...

Good for you.

You are too funny about not scaring the neighbors!. When I first started working out, I wouldn't even let my husband in the room because I was so embarrassed. Silly me.

The Lovely One said...

You're awesome! Keep it up!