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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update from my dr. appt

Well, it turns out I am indeed the 1% of people who has scar tissue expand. Whatever. I am still VERY happy with getting this surgery and will do a revision if I have too. I am on kind of a pre-op diet again to see if the mass will shrink or if it does not which will tell the dr. the options for revision. I am STILL at 236. I swear my body is working against me at all costs to keep from going down from that number. :) The baby is so perfect and such a joy. All of our kids are adjusting so well to her and having her during this holiday season makes it so much more fun. :) We are having my fiends from out of state join us for Thanksgiving and they will stay a few days. I love hosting guests especially when my body allows me to participate in the fun. We just bought tickets to the Polar Express. I am not worried about the food. I will make the Thanksgiving feast just as I have EVERY year, only this year I will not be rolling around on a chair. :) I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving!


Lori said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. Your attitude is great. You'll make it through this little hiccup with the scar tissue and skate on down to ONEderland soon.

Thanks for letting us come along with you on your journey.

Sunny said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it shrinks. :) Enjoy your first holidays with the new little one!

Amanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And rats on the possibility of a revision, but good for you for doing what you need to do if that is it.

Snuggle that baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving - I am so happy for you! Enjoy the baby! :) Ahhh, BABIES!
I understand about statistics - I am .02% of the population who is IgA deficient (to do with celiac disease). You'd think I'd win the lottery too! (guess I'd have to buy tickets...)

Sheila said...

Fingers crossed that it shrinks, but if not it sounds like you have a great attitude about whatever steps are next. Glad your new little one is settling in with your family...many congrats!

Beth said...

I want to come for a visit! The Polar Express sounds FUN!