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Monday, July 2, 2012

Panic is setting in

I really hope I am doing the right thing with this surgery.  I hope it's for the right reasons and the torture I am about to put my body through will be worth it.  All I can go on is past experience and that experience tells me it's the best thing to do.  I pray it is.  7 days til the all liquid diet (pure hell on earth) starts.  I fear my posts will take an ugly turn on or around July 10th. :)


Lori said...

You are always in my prayers.

Maybe I'll join you on a liquid diet. Will that help? Sometimes, it does me to know I'm not alone in my battle.

Princess Dieter said...

Unless God gives you a clear sign to stop--and you may want to pray for discernment BEFORE the day of surgery--then, if after all you evaluations you think it's best, there's no more to be done but accept and do you best.

But listen tot he Voice. If He says stop, stop, or it will not bless you. If He says,"Yes, go", then nothing will go wrong.

It's a tough decision. I spent more than a year agonizing about whether I'd have surgery to get out of morbid obesity. I ultimately decided to do it sans surgery, mostly because I felt that what I needed was discipline..to learn that, because I was so undisciplined about food. I needed to learn self-control with food as a spiritual thing and to progress in other areas--where I have been lagging, too. besetting sins, as it were.

We all must decide which path, then ask God to either give us a clear no or yes, and follow in faith.

I hope all goes well. Believe in the good outcome (whatever your ultimate choice). Have faith that it will be well.

Happy 4th. Freedom is a great thing...

Karla said...

So they are going to repair your sleeve?

InWeighOverMyHead said...

Thanks ladies. :) Lori, you are so sweet. I would not wish a liquid diet on anyone if it wasn't medically required... lol

Karla - "they" meaning the ins. company will not pay to get it fixed so I am going to cash pay.

Princess - I agree with you 100% :)