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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Someone give me a hamburger!

I am STARVING and VERY cranky.  This 800 cals a day thing SUCKS without restriction.  I am in a constant state of hunger.  On a happy note... Well, I can't think of anything right now because my mind is thinking of food. :)

I did have a wonderful dinner the other day.  I used my chopper to chop up cooked cauliflower which looks (and tastes) like rice then added turkey sausage.  An entire plate was under 200 calories.  I can't eat that much food so I cut the meal in half (after I took the yummy pic) so I could snack on it later.  Sooooo good.  I LOVE cauliflower "rice."  You really can't tell the difference.  It's just like rice only not sticky. 

To make the Cauliflower rice... boil cauliflower, don't over-cook or it will be to mushy to chop.  You should be able to stick a fork in it but it should not be able to slide right through.  Then get a good chopper and chop away! :)  Another good meal with this "rice" is to add teriyaki sauce and saute the "rice" with some chicken.  The possibilities are endless.  Virtually calorie free and filling.


tz said...

will have to keep this in mind when I can finally eat food again! thanks for sharing

Lyn said...

I had cauliflower rice with chicken curry tonight. Never going back to regular rice!

Hang in there :)

mamajuliana said...

Thank you for the new yummy idea!

Lap Band Gal said...

Tasty! :)